Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doi Chiang Dao, The sacred mountain in northern Thailand

"Doi ( mountain ) Chiang Dao" , also known as "Doi Ang Salung"
as well as "Doi Luang Chiang Dao", located in northern Thailand in the province of
 Chiang Mai is actually the same stretch of mountains extended
from the great Himalayas. The sub-alpine species of flora and fauna of Chiang Dao
 is truly diverse. The jagged peaks limestone mountain is an important
watershed of the Ping river
with the summit stands erect close to 8,000 feet above MSL.

( Remarks: The link at "watershed of the Ping river" above is connected to
weather radar of the Thai Meteorology Deparment
which shows map of northern Thailand
and Chiang Mai with Chiang Dao just nearby to the north.

When the radar shows echo of heavy rain clouds
in the color of yellow up to red of levels of intensity of
water-droplets and that if it remains there for a few days in the rainy seasons
then we all can expect a lot of water in the Ping river and down south. )

Anyone who has scaled the Chiang Dao summit would recognise the
 picture above right away of where she or he pitched the tents.
It would also remind us of an exhausted journey
and bitter cold and humid nights but
full of the feeling of happiness.

This can also be your trip of a great life time experience.
It is not too tough for everyone.

I took all these pictures when I flew pass this horse-shoe shaped sacred mountain
some years ago that I hope it would be useful for us all in some ways
 especially, those naturalists, environmentalists, scientists, and etc.

Copied available upon request.
I did some water colour paintings of Chiang Dao when I ascended
 the summit in the late nineties.

Copied available upon request.

Can you see how beautiful she is ? and to let her be in her very own way.

All text, photographs, paintings published in this web-blog are copyrighted by Chititewan Devakul

Anyway, this is just a little trip to enjoy the wilderness of the
sub-alpine mountains in northern Thailand, in addition please do surf the web-link for this one quoted herein and you'll love it
if you have some adventures in your mind and are ready. 

Believe me, just reading those "ten reasons" of why we should "climb", this time, the amazing Kilimanjaro in
the UR of Tanzania is inspired truly enough.
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